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Thread: Which 'Xeno' to buy

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    Default Which 'Xeno' to buy

    I have been advised to buy Xeno. I am confused by all the numbers, is it just the strength? Which one should I buy for effectiveness and also best value for money? 50, 200, 450..?
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    It depends on the weight of the animal.

    I am using Xeno 450 for a 4kg rabbit - One tube covers a 2kg rabbit - so it is 2 tubes per dose, 3 doses at 2 week intervals. One box of 6 is just right for this rabbit. It was also at the recommendation of my vet after a definitive diagnosis of mites which were causing a skin problem (rather than as a preventative, which shouldn't be necessary for rabbits). The cause of the problem has also been addressed, as mites are usually a symptom of an underlying condition.

    I find the VetUK website tends to be the most helpful when trying to work out things like dose rates. Some sites don't give enough information for you to work out what you need.



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