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I have a few questions that I'm curious about from those on the front lines!

1. Do you seek out rabbits in need, or more often than not do they get surrendered to you/turn up on your doorstep?

2. Does anyone run small-scale rescues from home, or is rescue work your full time occupation?

3. Do you think that a permanent sanctuary or rehome/adoption system is best?

4. I am curious if rabbit meat farming is still a 'thing' in the UK, and if any sanctuary volunteers ever try to rescue sick animals from livestock markets?

Interested in all of the above with the long-term aim of starting my own small sanctuary if I am ever in the situation financially to do so. For now I support several farm animal sanctuaries with monthly donations, but a small scale non-profit has always been on my radar.

I know that some people on RU work in animal rescue, so I would very much appreciate your thoughts on the above, or anything else about rescue life that you may wish to share
dear beapig,-I am a rehabber,-we are somewhat different from a resue,,we both take in critters,and care for them,and- we both get up to capacity rather quickly..a resue will find good homes,i generally keep what comes my way-or what people throw away..from dvms,neighbors etc.--a resue will accept funds,i am nonprofit-15 years..if you are considering your own sanctuary--my facility is a special buiding[$6,000],-cathedral ceiling-solarium-with hvac,broadband lighting,water,medical lab/internet..--with quite the desire to learn from exotic dvm,s about lagamorphs---I say this not to discourage but simply to give you an insight to my world..as far as #4,we cannot change what we are[predatory omnivorous-]-people who kill for survival,are somewhat forgiven,--those who do it for sport or because they can.-I do NOT support.-there are animal going extinct all over the world we certainly donot need to speed it up. hope I answered some of your concerns,sorry about the rant..--sincerely james waller from across the great pond-usa