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Thread: Is Luna's behaviour because she is nesting?

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    Default Is Luna's behaviour because she is nesting?

    Luna started shredding wallpaper and hair pulling behind the sofa at least a month ago,
    She built a nest, and we noticed it was there, and noticing the way she was behaving.
    I actually realised she'd built the nest because she was making the living room door hard to open without her getting in the way, she's literally near permanently camped out in front of the door to the hallway, she goes a lot to eat, drink and sit with her friend but other then that she sits opposite the back of the sofa, which is against a radiator with a rabbit sized tunnel underneath to get to the corner of the wall behind the sofa. It's quite a nice little space for a nest actually.

    But the amount of time she spends just watching the nest, is worrying me, Its been about a month, with no sign of any babies,
    At first I thought it was a heat nesting type of thing but I don't know if that would last this long.

    Her and her friend, an old female, have permanent access to the whole living room, Its kind of an open cage type situation.
    I'll put photos up below this

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    I would recommend having the vet rule out any medical reason before attributing it to behavioral. Is Luna spayed?



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