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    Hi All,
    We're adopting 2 dutch rabbit 1yr old approx. from the RSPCA and I'm looking for a good practical rabbit hutch which meets the required sizings 6ft etc and double storey preferably, if possible with two sleeping compartments in case they fall out with each other although they are a bonded pair.

    I've had a look and they all seem expensive, but I feel we need a hutch and a cover ready for winter plus a large run.

    I've seen ones with what look like useful features but are they really that useful?

    A hinged roof which locks into place when in the open position. for ease of extracting rabbits if necessary?
    4 Pull Out Cleaning Trays for Quick Cleaning?
    10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee?
    Hinged Trap Door to Separate Upstairs from Downstairs?
    KEEP PREDATORS OUT: Fox Proof 16 Guage Twin-Weald wire?
    EASY CLEANING: Removable door cleaning bar sweeps away waste?
    PEACE OF MIND: Ramp with side safety rails + Ramp trap door?

    I've been looking at ( and the (

    Any advice gladly welcomed to point us in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Hello, and welcome to the forum it’s great that you are doing your research before bringing your bunnies home. Honestly, having had bunnies in hutch/run combos and then moving on to a shed and aviary, a shed is a much better option, much easier to clean out, interact with the bunnies, you can easily sit in there with them, and it’s easy to line out and insulate. Most of us use low underbed storage boxes as litter trays, with newspaper in the bottom and hay on top, or woodpellet cat litter and hay.

    I once had a hutch with an opening roof, but it was a weak point and leaked, so it was sealed and screwed shut. The slide out floors are not generally very good, again (the ones I’ve seen) tend to be a weak point and low quality. There are lots of photos in the housing sticky threads.

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    Oh dutch rabbits are lovely. How exciting for you, congratulations.

    Having had hutch and run combos in the past I have now got a shed with a full height run fixed on. It is SO much easier to clean and way better in bad weather especially.

    I dont know of any hutch companies as the two I liked are no longer in business. Good luck.

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    I agree that a playhouse or shed is much better, it gives more protection from the weather and predators. But, failing that, Pets at Home do a 2-tier 6' hutch which you can get a cover for and it is very popular. If you need to divide it into 2 separate hutches, you can do this by using a piece of wood. Good luck with your new bunnies. If you go over to the Rabbit Welfare Association's website there are a lot of housing examples there.

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    Would definitely say go for a shed or playhouse if you can, you can do so much more with it and there’s not normally much of a difference in price compared to getting a hutch and run.

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    Another vote for playhouse/shed and run combo: a half-decent shed is probably about as much as a hutch that's good enough quality to last 10yrs, so I've never looked back!

    There is a huge playhouse near me that's on Freecycle, but you'll need a big van to move it
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    Thank you for all your responses, just planning our housing now



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