Okay we've all filled it out!

1) What’s your favourite treat?

Atticus - basically everything, especially my hoomans banana when she's eating it (it's really mine)

Clementine - fenugreek crunchies!

Penelope and Apricot - we like basically everything on offer

2) Do you have a favourite hay?

We all love Timothy and oat hay the bestest

3) What’s your favourite sleeping position?

Atticus - upside down in my handcrafted divot, feet in the air like I just don't care

Clementine - aslong as I'm sleeping we are all good!

Apricot and Penelope - sploofing right next to each other, sometimes on top of each other too

4) What’s the best thing that your servant does for you?

Atticus - TREATS

Clementine - the male hooman grooms my back with his hand and I lick him to death

Penelope and Apricot - she allows us to flop on her when she watches Netflix after dinner

5) What does your human do that you find really annoying? Bunnies, we know you probably have a list as long as your arm (or should that be furry front paw) but please just choose one thing.

Atticus - she checks my bum all the time!

Clementine - basically everything there's so much to choose from I couldn't possibly pick just one thing

Penelope - they both move things about! How dare they!

Apricot - they get mad when I shower them in water, all I'm trying to do is help them keep clean

6) Does your human have silly names for you? Yes, we know they're probably embarrassing but we won't tell anybody!

Atticus - she calls me her baby deer or bambi and sometimes stinky

Clementine - where to begin? The fat shaming never ends... Dumpling, potato, penguin, pookie butt, absolute unit, chonky baby, chonker, she even shouts "oh lawd she comin" when I run over for a treat.. It's ridiculous

Penelope - that's Lady Penelope to you! Sometimes she calls me Princess Penelope which I guess is okay too..

Apricot - baby bun, pookie, sweetie - she calls all of us her snuggle buns - how embarrassing

7) If you had a human job, what would it be?

Atticus - I think I'd work in a food factory, quality control....

Clementine - maybe as a plus sized model, I'm so gorgeous and I'm only carrying a few extra grams

Penelope and Apricot - we'd want to work as park rangers we think

8 ) What’s the highest you’ve ever climbed?

Atticus - gosh the highest... There's been so so many climbs I forget.. Probably to the ceiling.. There were some boxes conveniently placed, my hoomans weren't happy though, not sure why..

Clementine - I don't do that...

Penelope and Apricot - we hop onto the sofa to snuggle and apply our hair to the cushion.. That's about it though.

9) Do you have a bunny friend? If so, who wears the trousers in your relationship?

Atticus - I do, Clementine wears the trousers in our relationship, she's currently kicked me out though D:

Clementine - yes, I'm always in charge.

Penelope - I'm the top bun

Apricot - Where's my treat??

10) Do you have any secrets or confessions for your slave?

Atticus - the female hooman sneaks me extra treats sometimes, and if the male hooman sees we both get in trouble

Clementine - I prefer the male hooman normally but when things go wrong I run to the female one... I can't let her know how I really feel.. That'd be embarrassing!

Penelope - I like the male hooman really.. I'm just bad at showing it!

Apricot - the female hooman gives better grooms that Penelope shhh

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