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    Does anyone know if I can use anti-parasite on my bunny as a preventative measure? Since were in the garden so much at the moment, we let him free roam when we are watching him and then put him in his playpen when we are gardening or eating etc. He enjoys digging in the flower beds, and since we have recently had or garden re-done the beds mainly just consist of soil and a few plants. Im a little worried that he could pick up some kind of parasite whilst he is playing so I ordered the beaphar anti-parasite spot on. Is this only for use as a treatment or could I just put some on him to stop him from potentially getting some kind of parasite in the future?

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    Rabbits don't tend to pick up parasites in the garden and it isn't recommended to use chemicals when they aren't needed. Sounds like he is having a lot of fun.

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    Im only asking because Ive noticed over the last few days that he seems to be biting his legs and scratching more than he usually does but Im quite new to owning rabbits so I may just be being paranoid



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