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Thread: So many Hay related questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zigzag View Post
    I’m thinking of getting hay box, it is a lot more expensive but my asthma is terrible with the latest load of timothyhay.
    I'd def recommend it!! its not dusty at all (or at least in my experience), its lovely and green too. not as stalky as timothy however mine love it anyways I have hayfever / allergies and other hays always flared up for me, I'd start coughing and be unable to breath and my hands would itch like mad. I swapped to the haybox for my own selfish reasons above and I'm glad the rabbits like it as it doesn't bother me at all.

    I'm sure they'd be happy to mail you a sample for you to try and see for yourself. if not, maybe one of the members on this forum could! I know I might be able to do it
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    Thanks Binkycodie- it’s good to know it’s great for allergies and that it’s lovely and green I want to try haybox for the reasons you’ve mentioned

    I’ve asked for a sample a few times, but I’ve never had a response from the company. But based on what you’ve said I have a feeling they’ll like it



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