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Thread: Repeated gas/stasis and long stem hay replacement

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    Gah, don't believe it. Happened again. Diet has been consistent (not too much veg, kept it the same for the last two weeks, stuff they've been eating for over a year). Our boy Dusty was eating hay at 6pm yesterday, but stopped eating shortly after (wouldn't have dinner at 10pm) and the same this morning. The only change is he started moulting yesterday (we know he wasn't moulting on Monday cos we gave him a haircut and groom - he's a fluffball lionhead!). That seems to be the only constant - they always seem to stop eating when they moult. Could this be the issue? I didn't think hair could cause gas.

    Edit: We have had the bunnies for a couple of years now, but all this only seems to have started this year (5 bouts of gas between 3 buns since January). We didn't notice we'd altered anything in particular.
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    I would give them all extra grooming sessions (every day if needed) during the moulting period. It is not just their own fur - they ingest fur from other bunnies that they groom.

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    Quick update - he's fine now, eating well. Got home from work ready to contact the vet only for him to start eating again. We're lucky that we generally notice very early when they are off colour so we can try and sort things early. Ridiculous amount of fur came off him today, so daily grooming and hoovering of their room. Whatever causes it, we will work it out eventually. It's too upsetting to see our little fur babies ill! Also, thanks to an earlier post, 9kg of high quality timothy hay is on the way... Just hope they like this batch!

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    I hope he stays well now, these bunnies know how to worry us

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