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Thread: Advice on the correct bedding please!

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    Hi there, I’ve used megazorb on newspaper with hay, puppy training pad with hay, which all work well. These days I just use a few sheets of newspaper with hay on, as daily change means I don’t tend to notice odours.
    At the moment we have a new bun indoors, waiting to be bonded with our outdoor bun and she exclusively uses newspaper and hay to poo on (phew!) and there is another tray with newspaper and some of the soft paper bedding left over from after her op, which she likes to sit in and shred! She has a non slip lino floor in her pen, which is so easy to clean and a couple of cheap rubber backed mats as well and then a pet blanket, which what she sleeps on over the soft bedding.

    She’ll sleep in various places in the lounge, the rug, the tiled hearth and she’s rather taken with a toddlers wicker chair with a cushion that gives her a lovely vantage point for keeping an eye on the hall :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig 1965 View Post
    Yes I put hay/straw on top of the megazorb. I put newspapers underneath, then magazorb, then straw and or hay. Works a treat for me and the bunnies.

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    I use newspaper and hay in 32litre underbed storage boxes. One box for every two rabbits.

    these two are indoors and have a tray each. The four outdoor rabbits have a tray per pair cos they use the run as well.

    They used to have three trays but I cut back to two which works fine.



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