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Thread: Tutorial: How to Post Photos

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    Default Tutorial: How to Post Photos

    To post images on the forum you first need to upload them to an image hosting website such

    Step 1 - Sign up for an account or log into your account.

    Step 2 - Once you've logged in to your account you'll see this "New Post" button at the top left of the page.

    Step 3 - This box will then appear, click "Browse"

    Step 4 - You can then select your image/s and click "Open" once you've selected them.

    Step 5 - Your image will have uploaded to your personal Imgur account.

    Step 6 - Right click on your newly uploaded image and select "Copy Image Address".

    Step 7 - Return to the forum, and in the quick reply/advanced reply or new post section, click the "Insert Image" icon.

    Step 8 - Paste into the box that appears and click ok.

    You can then submit your new thread/post your reply - or even preview it before posting it on the forum. Don't forget to actually submit your post though if you preview it first!
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