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Thread: Spaying - advice?

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    OMG - how cute do Ruby & Scarlet look with Robin. How lucky is Robin. No advice but good luck with the spays

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    The are a lovely trio

    Other than in exceptional circumstances my Vet prefers not to spay Does until they are 6 months of age. Not only because spaying before puberty can be a more complex operation, it can also cause problems with calcium absorption which would effect bone density and dentition. It has also been noted by our local Rescue (ARC) that Does spayed prior to 6 months of age are more likely to develop behavioural problems as adults.

    Hope all goes well when the girls have their ops xx

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    Thank you everyone, really helpful! The youngest they could possibly be is 18 weeks and oldest is 20 weeks as when they were rescued we were told they were 8-10 weeks.

    However, we later found out that they may have actually been born in August which would make them a fair bit older! I'm skeptical though so going to stick with the original dates! Think I'll wait another 3 or 4 weeks to be more on the safe side unless they start displaying hormonal behaviour!
    - Emma

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