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Thread: Bonding Coco & Skye!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joey&boo View Post
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    Fab photos. I'm so pleased for you its going much better this time round. I can empathise with the proud feelings
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    I love the photo of Skye licking Coco's face. A very positive sign. Lovely to see the journey these two are making.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slob1231 View Post
    Skye is now 12 weeks old and Coco is 4 weeks past his operation! We tried to bond them when he was 2 weeks past his op, but he tried to hump her (to be expected!) He didn't get very far though! Soooo yesterday we tried again and it was so lovely, okay i admit Coco was a little pushy at some points but in his defense she was continuously sniffing his privates whilst he was trying to lay down and chill out Skye gave lots of kisses to Coco, there was cuddles and a tad little over excitement from Coco BUT it was better than i expected, when i first introduced them Coco literally went to bite her so it's a massive change, myself and my husband were referees! We also let them out together again today, Coco was just chilling in his space on the window sill and Skye just kept jumping on him and squeezing past him, but he was quite patient! I am so proud of him, he's been so amazing & it makes my heart swell, i really thought OH MY GOD WHAT IF HE DOESNT LIKE HER?!

    Skye is turning into quite the Madam! Chewing my brand new sofa, never mind that they have loads of toys, chew sticks, those chew balls, toilet rolls etc, her personality is shining through more now and even though she's a madam she's also the most sweetest loving girl ever! Anyway I'm not going to bore you to death, i just wanted to update you! The vet said skye can get spayed at 4 months.

    Heres some photos! In the last photo shes actually licking Coco's face

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    What lovely photos, and that last one of Skye licking Coco's face is adorable



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