more than likely yes I do feel awful for her but she seems rather unbothered about the whole situation.

theres been some progress.. I haven't had anymore fights, no more butt nipping, no more chasing her away. they've also been spending a lot of time together, cuddled up. before they sat across the pen from one another keeping their distance. I feel like I am taking on couples counselling

now the only thing is is that Orion does not want to come out of his pen he just sits back. hes still happy to come and take treats, eating, and pooping. but he just sits in the pen really wish he could tell me what was up as I'm lost!

I'm going to try and force him out of the pen now as I want to see him moving. I hope he's just doing (yet more!) sulking and its nothing sinister.

perhaps he knows this week he's going to the vets for his jabs