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Thread: U/D Vibes for Henry please -New 6th FebU/D after vet

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    Well done Henry I am so happy for you. What a relief for you all. Cranberries all round

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    Just caught up with Henry's thread.

    I'm so pleased that he seems well on the way to a full recovery.

    Your next challenge is to get a video of those binkies and zoomies - something I've never managed to do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig 1965 View Post
    Present situation with Henry. Well, for starters, his once poorly eye (tear duct) is completely transformed. The fur round the eye is dry and super floofy. No discharge or weeping. As horrific as that night was for me when I extracated the ooze, and my flapping about it, the penicillan has certainly done the trick big time. I shall keep a vigilant eye on it (no pun intended).
    His general progress contnues to be staggering. From the weeks of limping and holding the paw up and generally giving me stress overload, since Saturday he has continued to improve day on day. The paw is firmly now on the ground. He sits with it down and is happy to weight bear on it - as far as I can see. The most noticable thing is his general demeanour. Henry is a completely different rabbit than he has been. Which I guess is obvious given how he must have been feeling. And I am beating myself up over how bad he must have been and for me not to have acted sooner.
    Anyway, he is zooming round the living room - as much as he is allowed. He is desperate to get up the stairs and I'm not letting him. He is bright, he is periscoping constantly, and just looking for fun. It's how he should be. He looks healthy. We've got the daily meds sort of sorted with a bunny burrito but he's not keen on that now - until he gets his post med cranberries.
    Anyone remember those pressy down pocket money toys you got as as kid? The frog or the bird that was on a spring and a sucker and you pressed it down for a minute and then it would suddenly pop up? That was Henry 5 minutes ago. He's persicoping at the cupboard under the stairs, then goes onto all fours, then spins round 180 degrees and just vertically leaps up about 2 feet before taking flight. Crazy.
    It's hard keeping him inside when he pines to go out, but it's important that he rests as much as possible - as frustrating as that is for him. We go back to the vet at the end of the month and all being well, I am hoping the vet sees a different rabbit and is happy to discharge him.
    Thank you all again for following - I will keep you all posted.
    Craig x

    Really, really good to hear this news Craig

    You have taken great care of Henry and it's paying off now

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    Pleased to hear Henry is much better!

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    Well done Henry

    Links to information about various health problems that can affect Rabbits :
    NB- If you think your Rabbit is unwell it is essential to seek immediate veterinary attention.

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