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Thread: Fitch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by binkyCodie View Post
    yeah idk most people are using it for gerbils. I guess I was just throwing it out there for hamster bedding and for other small fluffies in case somebody needed something its good for tunnels apparently.

    I don't buy fitch and for the buns I use wood pellet cat litter for their trays and thats it. its been the best for odour for me and cheapest. although I heard that its in short supply too idk what is happening!!

    a lot of people for the gerbils recommend hemp bedding.. idk if its ok for buns but you can get it from horse supply stores for less usually. zooplus has some too. I have no idea on its ability for absorbing or odour control. a lot of gerbil owners mix it in with hay to help strengthen tunnels

    you'd probs be best looking elsewhere though or bulk from some equine supply stores.. thats what most people use it for and seems to be cheapest there? idk.

    but I know you're sensitive to smells so idk if hemp smells or something
    Yea for Gus we use cardboard because of his long fur, muma hammie has fitch and inside buns have fitch under hay, then back 2 nature in their litter tray.. Outside buns just have back 2 nature in litter tray and hay.

    I can't deal with Megazorb the smell is terrible to me and I'm allergic to hemp I tried two different hemp beddings for horses... Not good for me

    What a nightmare D:

    Honestly it's not even the money, its principle now, he's doubled the price and the amount of plastic it's sent in. I'm not impressed

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    Quote Originally Posted by binkyCodie View Post
    you're probably right tbh although I feel like its gotta be harming them more than anything else? like I know a lot of people are going elsewhere and not going back. idk though I'm not a business guy
    Yeah I feel like they're shooting themselves in the foot tbh! It's been the best thing we've used for our buns but we've definitely been put off it now, we've moved on to wood cat litter instead.

    I think the company was taken over not too long ago, when the price hike/stock problems started? I'm sure someone on here mentioned that anyway.

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    Didn't realise it went up again!

    I've been buying back to nature as I wasn't paying 28 for a 20kg bag. Back2nature is reasonable and seems to work well with the girls.

    However I will just buy whatever is cheapest when I see it as I've no other pets to buy bedding for now.

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