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Thread: Rita (6 month Cream French lop) Female - Rehomed via rabbitrehome

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    Default Rita (6 month Cream French lop) Female - Rehomed via rabbitrehome

    Physical Description: Cream French lop, very pretty! She looks to be about 3kg. I thought she was small for a french lop, but I suppose she might fill out a bit more. Bright very dark eyes and very clean. Her underside is white. Happy to send more pics if anyone is interested.

    Temperament: She is extremely friendly and confident. She will happily come over to you, so very trusting as well. She loves to explore and run around. Rita spends a lot of time cleaning herself and when she’s tired she’s happy to lay down on the carpet for a rest. She is good with being handled, but will occasionally kick if she feels uncomfortable. She is currently being litter trained and she is doing really well. I’ve been spending time recently teaching her spin and stand and she’s showing to be very bright and excellent potential to be taught things. If you rub her sides she lays down

    Age: Approx 6 months old
    Sex: Female

    Neuter Status: Unknown, I don't think she would be due to her age, I believe females get neutered around 6 months.

    Vaccination Status: Unknown

    Health: She looks to be in excellent health, she eats a lot of hay as her main diet. She has a great coat and she has no dental problems.

    Type of home wanted: Due to the breed I would ideally like her to go to an experienced rabbit keeper as a pet only to an adult. She will need lots of space to freely run around in as and when she wants. She is an indoor rabbit, but I think in late spring she could live outdoors, but only with a friend (another rabbit) in a large hutch/shed set up with an attached run (minimum RWAF standards at least).

    She can be around other pets and older children with supervision, as long as no one is too rough with her.

    Location: Sheffield, S13

    Reason for rehoming: Her rabbit mummy is unfortunately in a permanent coma, and I've taken her in to find her a new forever home. She is lovely, but I can't have indoor rabbits permanently and I have three outdoor dwarfs who are a lot smaller than her and I would be worried about them getting hurt due to the size difference if i tried to bond them. My babies are very territorial as well and they think they are bigger than they are.

    I would like to have pictures of her new accommodation before I let go of her or possibly a home visit. I really want to make sure she goes to a good home. If you have any questions or would like to speak to me please contact me on or 07736322594. Thanks!

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