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Thread: Bonding a food obsessed bunny

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    Default Bonding a food obsessed bunny

    I know there are no hard and fast answers here, just looking for others thoughts, but my rabbit is currently alone after splitting with his partner a few years ago as they kept fighting. He spent years as an indoor rabbit, hence why hes been single for so long, but now hes outdoors I think he could do with company, but (and while I do think hes calming with age now hes about 6) hes really possessive over food, and has been known to growl at me for not feeding him quick enough

    My sisters pair of male rabbits recently gave birth (clearly not the pair of boys they thought they had bought), and Im considering getting one to pair up with my bunny.

    Im just wondering if it might be better getting two of the babies so he doesnt have one partner to focus on, if that makes sense?

    Having said that, Ive not bonded rabbits before as I have always gone to rescues in the past, and I know from reading around the forum that trios are not an easy bond!

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    Personally I would suggest going to a rescue and trying him with a spayed female, if the bond didn’t unfortunately work, they may have others you can try him with, and they may also do the bonding or help with it if needed. If you take on a baby, when her hormones kick in it may cause the bond to break.

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