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Thread: A Bittersweet Wayward Update

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    Default A Bittersweet Wayward Update

    Bunnies are all ok. Fabala is settling well. Yuki adores her and she loves everyone. She is still so very licky.

    Athena hasn't started self-harming again after losing Erasmus Chipper as I feared.

    Helios and Selene are both presenting than a lot older than they allegedly are, based on what I was told when I rescued them. (Should theoretically be 3.5 years old now.) But we've suspected that's the case for 2 years now... Poor rexes are slowing down.

    We've had some deaths too. Eta piggie passed unexpectedly (I think she choked on cardboard.) I also lost both my robovoski hamsters, Vale and Vess, in 1 night. I think it was because of these so-called 'edible' housing which they had and loved to chew. I've since discovered it's mostly sawdust and glue. Please don't make the same mistake I did!

    Zeta was grieving hard for Eta despite not appearing to be close! So she now has a new buddy, Theta. Theta is mostly black and white, and she also has a crest. Zeta is back to her bubbly self and seems to love her new friend.

    There's also a new dwarf hammy, Uraya the Chinese Dwarf hamster. Was told she was Russian Dwarf but definitely not, she's too big. She reminds me of my childhood Chinese Dwarfs so yeah. She also seems surprisingly well handled, which is great.

    No photos of new arrivals, they still need longer to settle, but I'll work on that!

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    I’m so sorry things have been so hard I hope the new arrivals will give you something positive to focus on xx

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx

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    Glad bunnies are all ok and your piggy has a new friend x



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