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Thread: Post-spay help badly needed!

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    Default Post-spay help badly needed!

    Hi all,

    Our bun was spayed yesterday. All is well now except that she is often cleaning the wound, which John said is okay, but every now and then she's biting it.

    Reason help is needed is that between me an OH we've supervised her the entire time up to now but OH can't keep staying off work and as much as I'd be happy to stay up with her, I can't go from now until Friday evening without sleep, obviously.

    John has suggested we put a t-shirt on her but we haven't been able to and don't want to upset her - he's also said that we need to keep her liking us (which she is - she's pretty much back to herself already).

    Any tips? We're both exhausted - she's got herself in cycle of 15-25 mins sleep, eat, clean, repeat, so while we've got a camera set up while we need to make food etc, we can't leave her long time as is.

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    My 2 girls were spayed a month ago. Our vet gave us a list of things to watch out for-swelling, discharge, blood and fortunately they displayed none of these problems and they were fine after a few days. We kept them quiet inside in a restricted area and then back outside after 7 days. Both recovered well. We didn't watch 24hrs but just checked every so often - and certainly didn't give up our sleep. If you are confident with your vet, follow their advice and unless the biting gets excessive, relax and let nature heal.
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    Thanks mrsmag. The tiredness is getting to us. I'm thinking I'll stay up as long as I can then go to sleep for a bit, check her as soon as I'm up. Aside from us taking more holiday we're going to have to leave her for a few hours and see what happens. (We tried the cloth collar thing but she shook it away before it was properly around her head.)

    She's just done a full-out rabbit flop and is lying on her side with her head on her current favourite piece of cardboard. Oblivious to the worry of her humans

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    Are you sure the rabbit isnít just trying to clean around the area as they get tangles and they look like they are biting but just washing really.

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    Are you able to pick her up to check the wound as they do tend to remove some of the stitches, if she has them.

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    Got 5 hours sleep, I'll take it lol. There's no bleeding and she's just as much herself as she was earlier.

    Loopyloo - no, there's some biting mixed in unfortunately. She's a big chewer and tends to eat what she chews so we have to be careful.

    tonibun - yes. it's a bit of a challenge but I'll be doing it in a bit (we checked yesterday afternoon). I'm also checking the fur near it frequently. She got stitches and then glue.

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    I hope she leaves the wound alone. Your vet might have a bunny onesie - see wound protection in the health sticky otherwise some people have used baby vests and adapted them.

    Sending lots of vibes for her xx

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx

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    Thank you, Zoobec

    I will have a look for a baby vest, that might work. She's been putting her head through her willow ring all morning of course, no problem with that

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    If memory serves, I think our girls had a little nibble at their wounds when they'd been spayed but nothing major. You have to bear in mind that the skin must irritate them a little - it's just been cut open, don't forget - and so they're licking and nibbling, which is natural, just like we'd have a rub and a scratch. As has already been said, unless it becomes excessive and she is evidently and obviously pulling at the stitches, I wouldn't worry. Licking and and minor nibbling is a very natural part of the healing process. Personally, I would avoid putting a vest or anything on her if possible as not being able to lick her wound may stress her out. Imagine having a desperate itch and not being able to scratch it - it's the same thing. Obviously if she's pulling her stitches out then you'll have to, but if she's not and is only licking, then I would try to avoid covering it if you can.

    I presume that your vet sent you home with a good few days worth of oral pain relief?

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    Hi Angie. She's on metacam until Saturday night. Loves the stuff.

    Yes, it must be irritating, especially as they don't know what's happened. I'm hoping a vest can be a just-in-case thing but it'd be good to have it there ready.



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