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Aah thanks everyone, reassuring to know it’s not just ours that prefer hay on the floor! I’ll check out those links & the Timothy hay too!
Mine loves digging around and finding the tastiest bits I also think he'd get really stroppy if we put a hay rack in... he hates new things that get in his way!

I always worry that Sonic doesn't eat enough hay, but I just make sure that he has loads! Any left over gets transferred to his litter tray, so we actually don't waste much at all.

It took me a LONG time to get over the "you haven't given me enough pellets" eyes! Sonic had a few problems with spurs on his teeth, and it was a bit of a wake up call. He now probably only gets about 25-30 pellets a day, and we haven't (touch wood) had any teeth issues for 2 years, so it must be working!

Timothy Hay gets my vote too. Sonic refuses to eat any other hay, and my guinea pigs go absolutely bonkers for it. It's totally worth the money, and it's always delivered so quickly.