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    Rabbit 6-8 yrs old. Free ranged 100 ft garden.

    Yesterday, she was not well. Brought her in.

    She had flystrike. Caught it very early and just at egg stage. But hundreds.

    Rushed to vets. after clipping fur and removing eggs. Vet said flystrike was from being too legarthic to keep off flies.

    Given anti inflammatory, pain relief and antibiotic injection. Zantac by mouth x3 day.

    Diagnosis - respiratory infection - heart rate fast - some laboured breathing.

    She is eating a carrot now - but eating slowly.

    Had hoped she would quickly perk up being in the warmth.

    She has a bit of gurgling in tummy and stretching out but not much bloat.

    Anything else we can do to help her? She is going back to vets today.

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    p.s. have rubbed her feet and tummy and done some gentle stretches with her. She just wants to stretch out on her belly.
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    Flystrike is horrible. If there are any eggs, they will hatch - maybe in a couple of hours- so keep inspecting her at least twice a day and use a fine comb to make absolutely sure there are none left. They can be in all sorts of crevices around the tail so check carefully and often (without stressing her out). She will be susceptible to further attacks while she is poorly.

    You can apply Rearguard (use the whole bottle) or use F10 insecticidal spray to prevent any eggs developing further.

    Keep her warm and quiet. Snugglesafe heatpads give her the option of a warm spot if she wants it. Lots of hay in a box will make a warm, draught-free bed.
    Offer water in a bowl so she drinks more.
    Offer food that she likes to get her eating. She will need fibre to keep her gut going. Fresh herbs, dandelions and grass often work. You may have to syringe feed her for a while. Powdered food is available (ask your vet), or soak her usual pellets in boiling water and add a bit of veg-based baby food (or apple puree). You can try a teaspoon if you don't have a 5ml or 10ml syringe.

    She will also need ongoing pain relief and antibiotics until the infection has cleared, and lots of TLC.

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    Thanks Shimmer. Completely forgot about grass! Will get some now. She has had a bit of banana and small amount of swede last night, some pellets. Half a carrot and a bit of cabbage but I don't want to over feed these as not only is she not used to eating much of this food - I don't think it helps the bit of bloat.

    Yes, I found an addition 50 or so eggs last night after I thought they were all gone. Keep on checking her to be on the safe side and so relieved I caught it very early on.

    She has no snuffles or eye discharge. I wondered if she should have a parasite medication?

    Looking to see if there are some herbal remedies to support her immune system to try and give her the edge...

    ETA: Ok. I have given her Boost from Phytopet. It says this is fine for rabbits. 7 drops 3 times a day. It contains Ashwaganda, Astragulus, Sib. Ginseng, Schisandra, Nettle, Alfalfa, Liquorice, He Shovis.

    Have ordered a carrot cottage to keep her motivated and busy. Going to order some dried herbs and tasty hay.
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    Hoping your bunny recovers well from Flystrike - Shimmer has given you good advice. We recommend Echinacea to strengthen the immune system, but not too much carrot as it is high in sugar and can upset their tummy.

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    Its not flystrike as such since no wounds and no maggots. Its some underlying health issue vet thinks respiratory.

    Thanks for the well wishes.

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    I have some liquorice root tincture alcohol free. I am thinking about giving Francis some. Any thoughts on how much?

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    She is eating several Dandelion leaves - thats the best she has eaten all day. Still slowly - but she likes them.

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    She seems to be improving. Drinking by herself and eating more today. Vet did say on the second check up that it maybe a tumor on the lung but an xray was contraindicated.

    Boost, Liquorice, Zantac, loxicom, enrocan. Naturals herbs plus from rosewood. Grass Dandelions.

    Francis loves the liquorice, and dried herbs.

    Fingers crossed.

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    Happy to say, Francis is still alive. She is getting stronger and eating a bit faster.



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