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Thread: Henriette and Mr. Timmons bonding

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    Default Henriette and Mr. Timmons bonding

    Just wondered about behaviours I'm currently seeing with my bunnies. Henri is 5 and lost her partner in Aug. I tried her with an older male but it didn't work out. I have adopted a younger bunny, he is about 6 months old, neutered and he is staying no matter what! He is lovely.

    So I have them set up in the shed with a divider in between now for 2 weeks. At first Henri was of course aggressive but I had mesh preventing any bites. Timmons was just confused by her behaviour and did his own thing. Then I took the mesh out but left a fence up, so they can smell each other more but not quite enough space to bite. Henri is the biter. Timmons just seems confused, lol. Poor guy.

    Things are getting more relaxed with them now. Henri and Timmons have forehead wars. Aell, that is what I call it. Pressing their heads together to see who will give in first. There was some boxing thru the fencing but that has stopped. I've been petting them when they do forehead wars and they both end up calm and relaxed.

    I also have a webcam and when I'm not in the shed they sit side by side with the fence in between. This is a good sign right?

    So my plan to introduce them would be in the bathroom. But not for a few weeks or even in a month or tow. In the meantime, I've been swapping out their litterboxes and bedding, back and forth.

    Any suggestions?

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    How they behave side by side with a barrier between doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on how they will behave in neutral territory during bonding, but I’d say it’s sounding good that things have settled between them and they are sitting side by side either side of the barrier

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    I agree with Zoobec. Remember the females are the more territorial of the 2, so meetings must be in a neutral space.



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