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Thread: Elphie ~ 04/10/18 - the brave, the fighter, the indomitable, the spirited

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    Quote Originally Posted by honeybunny View Post
    Oh Tracie hoping you do feel better. Rather than concentrate on the fact she isn't with yu anymore think of all the time you had....and go and mix with all your other furries..they're special too and will be sure to make you feel a bit happier xxx
    Thank you Jill.

    Niji and Yuki were thumping because they didn't like my crying. They've not forgiven me yet.

    Fabala has now climbed all over my and assiduously groomed my face, hair, hands, and legs.

    As you said, it has helped, but grief is a funny old thing and creeps up when you least expect it. All of my current furries are special - every animal is. I miss all my Bridge pets and will never begrudge them a tear or two. I'm just glad I have the joy of others to help remind me why they are so therapeutic and special to me.
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    What beautiful photo's, I'm so sorry for your loss
    Binky free beautiful Elphie all well again at the Bridge xx

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