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Thread: Peeing all over the floor...

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    Default Peeing all over the floor...

    Iím having troubles with my naughty littlest bun, Pepper.

    Having gotten her as a companion for single male Teddy about a year ago, Teddy decided he didnít want anything to do with the cheeky mare and shunned her (which is odd, because he loooves everybody else, humans and buns!). We were hoping that he would eventually come to his senses, we had her living as a single female without any particular stress about bonding them.

    However, after having recently lost his bonded bun Bella, we were (and still are) very worried about Bertie. We decided to see how Bertie would get on with Pepper.

    Thankfully they took to each other and they now live in Pepperís room. Sheís had no issues with him moving in and seems happy to have company.

    Before Bertie moved in, Pepper occasionally punished me for various misdemeanours by peeing on the bed in the room (it was originally a guest room). Now that she has him around, sheís thankfully forgotten all about peeing on the bed - but pees on the floor instead...

    From the beginning I saw it as her scenting the room in a way thatís pleasing to her and expected it would stop eventually - which it hasnít. Itís very much deliberate, and whilst we tell her off and move her to a tray if we see her lifting her tail, I worry about what might happen when weíre out. Theyíre both vaccinated, but what if he gets E Cuniculi from her pee?

    Mopping doesnít bother her, and they have 3 trays between them so there are plenty of spaces to pee.

    She does pee in the trays too, so she knows what they are for. And before Bertie moved in, there was no peeing on the floor.

    What do I do?

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    Have you tried soaking up the puddles with kitchen roll and putting it in the litter tray? Also afterwards neutralising the spot with water/vinegar mixed 50/50. Have you changed anything about the litter trays, position, litter? If she’s consistently going in specific places it might be worth putting extra trays there. Are the trays big enough for them both to get in at once? If not, bigger trays might help. Low Under bed storage boxes are good.

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    We're having exactly the same problem since we changed litter trays, we're going to go back to using the under storage trays ,as mentioned above, although last couple of days it's only happened once. They like the smaller litter tray and when they were it's not high enough to catch it!
    I got vet to check over them too and no problems there, we have 2 so it's tricky finding out which one it is. Hope you get it sorted x



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