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Thread: Leg paralysis, seizures, eye watering

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    Quote Originally Posted by TiminMB View Post
    He is doing really well today. He can get up, and it appears he is eating and drinking during the night. I just gave him antibiotic shot number 2. Went much easier than my practice injection at the vet's office. I was kind of nervous when I did it. This one went easy, and he didn't react at all to it. I put him in a tall box on a table to give him the injection, so that he couldn't go anywhere, and would be stable and at a comfortable height for me to work on him. I did the subcutaneous injection around the area of the loose skin of his shoulders. Pinched up a big fold, inserted the needle fully at 45 degrees, drew back to make sure I hadn't hit a blood vessel, then did the injection.

    After I put him down on the floor, he did a full lap of the living room. Something I haven't seen him do in a month. He is definitely improving, but that started before the antibiotic injections. Perhaps its the increased buprenorphine, although he didn't get any this morning because no one was around to hold him while I put some in his mouth. What ever is working, I am blessed that he is mobile again. Without mobility, he has no quality of life.

    Wow, this is wonderful news

    Well done you for your injection technique as well!

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    This is really wonderful news
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