Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, I was thinking possibly health section too. Anyway...

Our rabbit Blodyn has been having some difficulties with her stomach the past week/week and a half. She clearly has some gas and we’re regularly massaging her stomach which helps her a lot I think, the vet won’t give pain relief or gut motility drugs. I can understand the rationale there as she’s still eating though at a reduced rate and I think to anyone who doesn’t spend a lot of time around rabbits, she seems fine. She is still cleaning, interested in her environment and moving fine when she’s not gassy. She’s had this before a few times, had full stasis maybe 3 times now due to stress I think and once because of dehydration previously during a heatwave. She recovered well each time and we redoubled our efforts to try and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Problem: Since the first time however, she’s never really had the perfect droppings she used to. Just over a year ago her droppings were probably twice the size and perfect shape and colour (golden brown). Now they’re not awful but not great. They’re inconsistent in size and shape (sometimes more rugby ball), and the colour is very, very dark. They also seem quite moist. From my reading this indicates slow gut movement/motility. I’ve tried everything and I cannot think what’s wrong. I wondered if you experts might have any thoughts?

In terms of changes since her pellets dropped in size and went poor we probably feed her much more veggies. The first time she got stasis I think was due to my ignorance that she needed them regularly to help move things through the gut. I did my reading before but It didn’t prepare me enough and of course when we started her on greens she got the runs, even with only a small amount so I quickly stopped. Also, she’s three now and I think started going through her hormone changes at the beginning of 2017 in full swing which is what the vet thinks affected her but she’s now been neutered and her droppings are still small.

Diet: Her current diet is unlimited oxbow Timothy hay, and in the morning she gets a leaf of cavalo nero (this is her favourite), or spring greens, brig kale, or a handful of dandelions. She’ll also possibly get a small handful of parsley or mint.

Exercise: she gets around an hour in the morning before work and 2-3 hours at night playing with us and running about.

Health: we recently took her to the closest rabbit specialist center in Swindon UK who checked her teeth, her bloods and did a general physical all showing nothing but a healthy bunny.

So I’m stuck. And Its stressful and horrible seeing her sick the way she is. Does anyone have any thoughts? Apologies if this is something stupid too.

Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to read this and for any replies.