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Thread: Advice From Richard Saunders (RWAF Veterinary Advisor) -Re Rabbits in Hot Weather

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    Default Advice From Richard Saunders (RWAF Veterinary Advisor) -Re Rabbits in Hot Weather

    This has recently been posted on the RWAF's FB page. I am copying it onto here for anyone not on FB

    ''With the heat wave continuing, please remember any outdoor rabbits. Here is some advice from Richard Saunders BSc(Hons) BVSc MSB CBiol DZooMed (Mammalian) MRCVS

    RCVS Specialist in Zoo And Wild Animal Medicine

    Offer a water bowl so that they can get a better drink; they will drink more efficiently and faster this way, and thatís important in the heat. Cool water will help to cool them down a bit. Donít chill the water, but make sure itís not boiling in the sun

    Do not give your rabbits to ice cubes as they can cause problems with their digestion system.

    Sun tan lotion is a no. They are likely to lick it off, and we have yet to see a rabbit with ear skin cancer. Instead, make sure you offer them plenty of shade, but if you are draping something over a run, make sure the air can circulate. Use of a battery operated fan on runs or enclosures can help.
    Frozen water bottles or cool pods are helpful. ,

    No need to change diet at all just, to stick to usual diet and make sure they drink lots by following the tips above.

    Access to a safe shady exercise area 24/7 is even more important in this heat as they will want to exercise when it cools down am and pm.''

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    My two have their three water bowls checked regularly: the outside one is often empty through evaporation, bunnies drinking it and the wasps having a go too! Mine aren't bothered by tepid water, as they often choose the warm outdoor water over the cooler hutch water bowl.
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    Often available for bunny runs: PM for details.



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