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    Hi, I'm away on holiday and my Gran is looking after Thumper. He has been with her for a few days now and has been very happy, relaxed, and has been binkying. It couldn't have been better. Randomly, he started thumping tonight while she was sitting watching television on the other side of the room. I know random thumps are common but I've only ever heard him thump at the vets, in the car, or in his carry place - things that he doesn't really like! Even when I first got him, he wasn't a 'thumper' despite his name. I'm worried because earlier in the day he ate part of a cardboard label and a tiny bit of black tape that was attached to it. Nothing bigger than what he has nibbled in the past - could this be the cause of his thumping? I facetimed my Gran and while I was on the phone he thumped constantly and seemed extremely agitated and on edge - he is normally the laziest bunny around! I was on loud speaker, could my voice have unsettled him? Hearing but not seeing me? My gran gave him some carrot and he took it but while eating it, thumped constantly. This isn't like him and I'm worried, especially as I'm in another country. Any advice would be much appreciated

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    How is he today? Hopefully something just spooked him last night.
    Hope you’re having a lovely holiday 😎



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