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Thread: Been admitted - U/D She didn't make it (some upsetting content)

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    She didn't make it

    She had begun eating for herself and pooing again during the day, but the bloating and mass remained. The vet suspected she had a tumour. They sedated her to put a tube down to relief the gas build up (I think) but there was blood, so indicated there was damage. She would have had a scan today to find out what was going on, but after this discovery the vet said she wouldn't make it and we should let her go.

    I feel distraught, she was only around 3 years old and fine the day before. She was so beautiful and gentle and I had so many plans for her. I only had 9 months to show her what life could be like outside a tiny hutch, being used for breeding. But never got to show her what having a friend would be like.

    I'll never know the exact cause, but if it was ovarian cancer then I could have prevented it by having her spayed months ago. We were just never able to free up the funds and it kept getting put off.

    I didn't even get to say goodbye. She had been in the surgery since Tuesday evening and yesterday morning she was quite stable. I was so busy all day and thinking well 'no news is good news' at 7pm she was being transferred between locations in the pet ambulance (due to night cover) and then late last night... I really thought she might get through this.

    I've literally cried almost constantly since, keep breaking down. Couldn't speak on the phone to the vet and I had to call work today to say I couldn't make it and cried to them too. I worry they might think she was 'just a rabbit' but they are like my babies. My dd is so upset too, she's already seeing the school counsellor because she gets anxious about school etc.

    Thank you for all the messages x

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    I am so very very sorry

    You cannot know the cause so please don't blame yourself.
    Rabbits are so fragile and I know you did everything you could for Skye.

    You whizzed her to the vet and she was in the best place.

    Loads of hugs for you and your daughter xx
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    Oh no, that's awful.

    You've had 9 months to show her just how wonderful life can be, free from a prison. You transformed her (and Thor and Loki's) life and I'm sure you gave her her very best days. Don't blame yourself for not having her spayed sooner; you don't need to justify it to us, although blaming yourself is always incredibly tempting. The fact is you overhauled their existence and that required a huge amount of energy, physically, mentally, emotionally - and yes, financially too, for you all. Skye was previously a rabbit whose existence was defined by her ability to make money. You made it so that her existence became one of just being herself.

    Most importantly, Skye wouldn't have known how sick she was. You took all the right steps in seeking her help in these last 2 painful days. And you made her life actually be hers, not just being breeding 'stock'. Treat yourselves kindly in your grief, take comfort in each other and your other lovely rabbits. It may be awful now whilst the grief is raw, but you'll be able to look back at these 9 months with pride and bittersweet memories given time. They are never around for long enough for us, but she passed as part of a family, and that is the greatest gift you could have given her.

    Meet up with Sydney and Darwin at the Bridge now, Skye. You're healthy and whole again now. Watch over your family with them and binky free. xxx
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    Really really sorry Skye didn't make it. Massive hugs xxx

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    I'm so so sad to read this update. You did everything you could. She knew love and freedom with you. So so sorry , she was such a beautiful girl. Xx
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    Sorry to hear that she was lucky to have found you and experienced how rabbits should live x

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    I am very sorry to read the tragic news of Skye's passing

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    I'm so so sorry TheThreeB's I remember when you rescued her from that horrible place, and you have been my inspiration since, always having room in your heart and home for rabbits in need.

    This hurt will linger for a long time I'm sure, but you must know that you did everything you could and that those 9 months were blissful freedom from exploitation for her. Animals used and abused for breeding often have health complications because of the conditions they are kept in. You did everything you could for Skye. Sending you load of love and hugs xxx

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    I, too, am very sorry to read this sad update Thinking of you and sending hugs to you and your family.
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    I'm really sad to hear your news. 9 months to a bunny is a long, long time. Big hugs. Rest in peace beautiful Skye xx



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