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Thread: Started Bonding - shall I continue ?

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    Default Started Bonding - shall I continue ?

    On the advice of my vet (rabbit savvy) , Iíve started introductions for my 6 month old doe and 10 week old buck .

    I had planned to wait at least 3 months until buck was neutered etc but the vet said the sooner itís done the better .

    I have a pen in neutral territory and Iíve been popping them in there .

    My doe has actually been very sweet and appears more than comfortable - grooming herself , flopping and eating .

    She sniffs and licks the buck with an attempt at humping .

    The baby buck however , is very scared and he honks and runs whenever she comes near him . He jumps out of the pen in panic and sits shaking and doesnít move .

    So far weíve been putting them in together with food and treats which my doe laps up the boy is too scared to eat .

    Theyíve been in an hour each time and weíve had 4 sessions over 1.5 days .

    The plan is to do this twice per day but Iím not sure if itís too stressful for my little buck ?

    He gets so frightened he just stays still but my doe comes up to him and licks him and puts her head down to the ground so the problem isnít her .

    The fact heís honking makes me feel bad for him but is this a case of being cruel to be kind in the long run?

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    I am a bit surprised your Vet advised this. From your description it doesn't sound at all good, especially for the baby rabbit. As a baby he needs good experiences and this is not one so he can mature into a happy, healthy, confident bunny. Sorry if you have already mentioned, but is your female spayed?

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    Yes sheís spayed.

    The odd thing is the boy bun when separated just by the cage bars , chases her and tries to lick her , follows her around and seems keen to be with her !



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