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Thread: Would this work?

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    Default Would this work?

    Angus’ toilet training has gone and he’s now shut in when no ones home to prevent him weeing on things. He seems really unhappy and Beans seems unhappy inside too (Jelly’s always been indoors so doesn’t seem too bothered) I wondered about trying to bond all 3 (2 males, 1 female - all neutered) and then getting them a shed outside with their run attached to that via a cat flap. I wanted to try and find a bonding service (I know there’s a few around but need to look for one local) as I panic and don’t really know what I’m doing. Do you think all of this sounds ok? Better than the way they are now? Beans and Angus have had a fight before but no blood was drawn, Jelly gets on well with both of them.

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    I’m sure it could work, in theory. I think knowing your rabbits personalities and having a gut feeling about wether a bond will work counts for a lot. If you think they would work well together, then I would think it’s worth giving it a try, so long as your original pair has a strong bond which you don’t think will get broken if things don’t work out.

    If you think you would panic bonding yourself then it is probably better to get a trusted bonder to assist.

    Good luck

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    We had a male, male, female trio and it worked really well, but as Zoobec says it will depend on the rabbits personalities.

    It does sound like they will have more space and freedom if they do move outside, so probably worth a try x

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