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Thread: Rabbit care back up

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    I have a great pet sitter who comes in when I am away or unwell. I have a file of info about all my animals' care (all 19 of them)!

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    My daughter knows what to do with Frosty and the goats and how to recognise if they aren’t their usual self. I have a set of instructions that I leave in place for my neighbour, for when we are away or if something came up and I had to get someone else to step in.

    I hope you are feeling better soon xx

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    It's been really interesting to read everyone's replies thank you.

    I'm definitely going to make notes of everything in case of something similar in the future. We've also said that something as simple as having the keys all together and labelled would be sensible. I keep trying to get my dd to come out with me to run through things but she's 13 and only interested in cuddles x

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