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Thread: S.O.S Any Advice for me I have lost Little Girl 03/07/2018 A day I never want to reme

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    I am very sorry you lost Little Girl. Your words show how much you cared for her and loved her.

    Rabbits are very good at hiding signs of pain and illness, so much so that by the time a rabbit is showing signs it is often too late.

    You took her to the vet as soon as you realised she was poorly and were brave and selfless enough to let her go, after showing her how much she was loved in her last few hours.

    As others have suggested, hopefully you will be able to post some pictures of your beautiful Little Girl for us to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlcwrites View Post
    I am so very sorry for your loss.

    The sudden and prolonged hot weather hasn't been particularly good for any of our rabbit friends. You had been monitoring her and took her to the vet to pass in peace, so you did all that you could for Little Girl. Rabbits don't show distress very well at all, and that does lead to what appears to be unexplained deaths at face value. However, when she was in distress, you got her where she needed to be. She'll have known you care and that you love her dearly. They may not show illness well, but they are incredibly sensitive souls and know what is going on with their human companions.

    Whilst you grieve for Little Girl, please try and treat yourself gently. You've been through an awful experience. I hope that, given time, you are able to look back on the good times together. Spend some time with your remaining rabbits and give yourself time together, and take comfort in that. My thoughts are with you. xxx
    Thank you for this message it means a lot to me. I feel only fellow rabbit owners can understand and not over look how unique and different they all are. I still have guilt that I didn't notice sooner. (or read the signs correctly) I received a card today though the post from the vet that put her to sleep. This has helped with some of the healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pets mum View Post
    So very sorry that you have lost Little Girl, she sounded a lovely natured bunny. As others have already said, please don't beat up yourself, you did your very best for her, and I'm sure that you she knew that. She had a happy and loving home with you, and that's what mattered to her. I hope that you can find comfort in your other bunnies, they will probably miss her too. Please feel free to post again anytime, maybe post a picture of your beloved bun in Rainbow Bridge, it may just help. Take of yourself xxxxx
    Thank you for your message 'Pets Mum' - it was very sweet of you and means a lot to me. I am very keeping a close eye on her friend Little Girl lived with, as I was always taught rabbits must never live in their own unless and full time house bunny. I am checking on her friend making sure she doesn't fall into depression, I still have to decided how to go forward with her by herself now. I feel like empty and depression towards my remaining rabbits. Little Girl was my first and always I thought the leader and my special one



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