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Thread: How much water...?

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    Default How much water...?

    Could anyone tell me what the normal range is for bunny drinking?

    My two old rabbits barely seemed to drink anything - only one or two 350ml bottles a week between them (I changed it daily, but this is the total amount).

    I have a new baby bunny and she drinks loads - the two of them are getting through a bottle most days. I know it's the baby doing most of the drinking as I'm with them a lot.

    I know the weather is very hot, but does this sound ok? She was drinking a lot more than I'm used to even before the hot weather started, but I put that down to her being recently weaned and used to a more liquid diet, or maybe just because she's young.

    She seems very lively, happy and healthy and is eating well and has definitely grown in the few weeks we've had her.

    Thanks you
    We have two bunnies - our super fluffy, super scatty old man lion head cross Amos and new arrival Eärwen (Winnie for short) who is a little spotty rex full of beans, confidence and joie de vivre!

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    I think all buns drink different amounts

    My vet said once when I asked that you'd expect to see 100ml per kg of weight to be drank in 24 hours.

    Which I found pretty accurate actually my boy bunny weighs 3kg and he drink about 300ml in 24 hours x

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