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Thread: How wrong would this be.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by orangediva View Post
    Thanks guys - my mum laughed at me when I showed her and I got an eye roll from my son - I was hoping the reaction might be slightly different on here!

    Please vaccinate your rabbits for RHD2 as well ..
    Two more house rabbit deaths just confirmed

    Reliable, up to date advice on RHD2:

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    In what way do you consider it wrong? Nothing in life is tagged. Blue isn't just a 'boys' colour in the same way 'pink' isn't a girls colour. It's the individual who likes a particular thing and the opinions of others may be supportive but it's what appeals to you. Personally I like the paper. You could try it on one wall to start with and see what the effect is like. But you are only restricted by your own reservations. It's got rabbits on it - what did you think a rabbit forum would say?



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