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    Rowan used to eat lots of hay in a day, within a couple of hours the hay feeder would be half empty. However, I have noticed that he isn't eating that quantity any more. He is still eating it though. I'm not particularly worried about this yet, as I have put it down to the extra grass intake, he has been out more often for an hour or so eating grass everyday. I'm guessing that he is full from all the grass and doesn't want to munch on hay as much any more? Is that a problem? I am thinking of toning it down a little anyway.

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    Grass has the same beneficial properties for rabbits as hay, in particular for their teeth and their digestion. If anything, grass is slightly more beneficial as it contains moisture.

    I would say that there is no need for concern as long as he is definitely eating lots of grass. I cut grass for my rabbits and so they have a mixture of both grass and hay.
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