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Thread: Bond Help Please :( Bristol Area

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    Was the behaviourist Rosie at Petsense? I've not used her for rabbits, but she is absolutely amazing with dogs and really dislikes people masquarading as behaviourists if they have no qualifications/experience so I can't imagine she would advertise herself for rabbits if she wasn't. She's really lovely and all the rabbit info she posts is spot on.

    I'm ridiculously swamped at the moment otherwise I would of come and sat with you.

    I'd definately try the local rescues though incase they can help as they obviously have the experience.

    If you can't find anyone suitable I might be able to help later next month.
    Oh thank you! I may have to take you up on that if I am still in the same position next month! I canít actually remember the same, maybe it was her- the name rings a bell.

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    Good news - one of the bonding experts from Littlest Rescue has said she is happy to help. She is away this weekend but will call me on Monday to see what we can sort out! Fingers crossed I am get my girls back together and flopping on each other again in no time- that and I can hopefully no longer sleep in a giant hutch! I donít mind Hay or poop anywhere, but I would like to not have to clamber over fences and bedframes to go to sleep! Thanks all for your advice x



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