We've been working on the back yard to make it nicer for us & more fun for the bunnies. We bought loads of reclaimed stones & OH has built a series of raised beds, seating / storage area & what we have affectionately & inaccurately named bunny bothy.

The lower bothy level is designed to be cool, we kept the floor as stone & the sun can't shine directly in . Once their herb garden (focusing on edible treats that also repel flies) is in it should be dappled light. Upside has a wood floor accessed by a ramp & has brighter light. Entrance & exit points are on the top & bottom left; they have been made tunnel like & will be covered in foilage which I'm hoping will deter neighbours cats. Roof can be held open by fastening on the wall so they can go open air if they chose

Its just a bolt hole / chill out zone for when we are all playing out. Boo spooks outside & whilst likes adventuring out there she can't relax. Hoping the bothy will help. Can't wait to get the flower beds around it filled

[IMG][/IMG] - ace also for drying forage