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Thread: Continental giamt and HMD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mebs and her bunnies View Post
    It was HCM that he was being tested for. His heart membrane appears to be thickenrd and one of the chambers seems to be stretched. He is having Frusemide tonight as there is also some fluid showing. They are hoping that this will help and stop his stasis. His normal vet is in tomorrow and I will see her because I am visiting the buns every day. I am petrified. But the bit I don't understand is that he is on 2 x pain meds but still won't eat.

    I am sorry to hear this. Hokum (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) can be controlled well with heart medications, depending on the severity of it. Frusemide is brilliant at getting rid of the fluid which will have accumulated in his lungs.

    Once that kicks in, he may feel a lot more comfortable about eating.

    There's some info here:

    A vet should sound his chest from time to time to see how he's doing. They will give you all the info, I'm sure. Do PM me if you need any more info, as I am used to this sort of thing so please try not to be afraid. Easy to say, but I am always happy to support x

    I hope he begins to eat again soon

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    no advice to give, but sending plenty of vibes for the both of you x
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