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Thread: Possible Playhouse conversion idea

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    Default Possible Playhouse conversion idea

    Spotted this on Dunelm's website, "Basil Multiplay Playhouse", footprint is roughly 8ft x 4ft so would need an additional run (maybe a Runaround) and the addition of mesh and a little trapdoor from the shed bit into the covered run. Still bigger than the average hutch. It's not the cheapest at 441 (available for 10 more on Very and Argos) but looks solid and nice to have a solid floor in the covered run part. I like the shelf in the open part which buns would love too!

    I'm not planning on a playhouse conversion, but thought this might be useful.

    Anyone else seen playhouses out there that could work for buns?
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    It looks lovely and solid

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    That's awesome and I want it! XD I expect it's the same size as my playhouse plus the verandah. The stable door is very useful. I expect adding a run would be really straightforward with the existing verandah: just extend it and mesh it all off!

    ETA: I just went on the website and now I want the ones that are like treehouses because the buns would LOVE that, especially if I put a slide and a ramp on it
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