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Thread: Paranoid Bun Owner, Please Help.

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    Default Paranoid Bun Owner, Please Help.

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm pretty new here and I've been having a lot of problems regarding being paranoid about my bunny.

    I just checked him a few moments ago and was checking his rear end and where his butt is (where his poops come out of) are some hard and flat poops, is this abnormal or am I just being a paranoid dingus? Please help me ;-;

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    Could you take photos of the poops so we can see what they look like?

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    He shouldn’t have any poo stuck to him. Is he having loads and loads of good hay to eat? Does he normally pass big golden droppings? How old is your bunny?

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    Hey all, sorry for taking a while to hop back inn. I took him to my friend a couple doors down and she said he was absolutely fine, just that he was about to poop (which he did about 2 minutes later) i really need to get my paranoia in check. It wasnt stuck to him, it was just on the edge of coming out.

    Anyone have any tips on how to get my paranoia in check? It's driving me mad being constantly worried about him ;-;

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    Glad bunny seems to be OK!
    I know what you mean as it can be easy to worry about pets all the time! Do you generally suffer from anxiety? I do so I tend to worry about stuff way too much haha!
    I think as long as you know you are providing the best care you can for your bunny you should try not to worry! Although bunny's aren't very good at saying when they are sick, if you learn to know your bun's body language then you will begin to understand when something isn't quite right with them.
    Generally though if bunny is eating, pooping and running around then they are probably fine!! ☺☺



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