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Thread: I leave, and they turn into little brats

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    Default I leave, and they turn into little brats

    yup.. my mom has been having a field day with the bunnies while I'm in the netherlands they've apparently been right little brats and giving her a hard time. Orion has even been sassing at her, stomping his foot when he is told off or she doesn't hand over the pellet quick enough. Orion also pulled a sock out of my drawers, and peed on it.

    here he is after the crime he committed

    and here is the daily dose of cute his little fluffy wittle tail

    we've been trying to give Luna metacam every other day since the weather is warmer, but unfortunately she's shown adverse affects and on the days without been very grouchy and sitting a lot. so it does seem its going to have to be every day with the metacam. we had all hoped (vet included) that with the warmer weather, her joints may feel less achey and sore. I guess not.

    I do miss them, but not as much as I thought as horrible as that sounds I know they have one another now whereas last time I went on holiday, it was just after Snoopy passed and Luna was alone.. unfortunate timing in some ways.
    rabbits are like angels; they have a way of finding people that need them, and filling an emptiness they didn't even know they had.

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    They're missing you. Your as much a part of their lives as they are yours. But you need to enjoy your holiday and rabbits (who are notoriously festidious anyway) will settle down once they have established a slightly different routine. I'm sure that they are thinking of you in their own little way. And peeing on your sock is just their way of saying they miss you



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