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Thread: Rabbit Cage Wire - Welded Mesh VS Chicken Wire

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    Default Rabbit Cage Wire - Welded Mesh VS Chicken Wire

    my other half recently bought an outdoor rabbit cage which came with chicken mesh for the wiring. I've read this isn't strong enough to prevent predator attacks, so we're looking to rip it out and add something stronger.

    Found a guide here on rabbit cage wire recommending welded mesh (gauge 14) for the cage wiring. Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Looks pretty sturdy but want to hear what you guys think

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    Don't use chicken wire. It really isn't up to the job on a rabbit hutch or run. We looked after a neighbour's rabbit last week. The brand new, locally made run was made with chicken wire a couple of weeks ago. In the middle of the week we found a hole in one side where it had unraveled, and a couple of other places where something had obviously had a go at getting in. I'm guessing cat, because a fox would have no problem tearing it apart. It was too damaged to consider patching it, so we had to make other arrangements until the owners came home.

    Weldmesh provides much better protection. Choose one with smaller rather than larger holes as it will keep out smaller beasties as well (eg rats) which may go after the food. The thicker the wire, the better. Very thin stuff can be chewed through and will break in time.

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    Yikes! That doesn't sound good we will definitely look to strengthen the wiring before putting the bun in it.

    Thanks for the tips!

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    I use 16 gauge weld mesh on my rabbit runs. I have heard that double mesh is best of all but noy tried that. You could leave the chicken wire on and add weld mesh for extra protection. Good luck.

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    I picked some weldmesh up from Wilkinsons yesterday for 13.50 for a 6m roll 900m wide, the 12"x1" holes. It's the same stuff I got from Wickes except better than half the price!
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    Often available for bunny runs: PM for details.



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