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Thread: FLYSTRIKE! Warning to all!

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    Just popping on to send Adam & you some more recovery vibes xx

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    Thank you all so much again for your kind thoughts and words. Adam is doing remarkably well! I am trying to not get my hopes up too much (as I know we have such a long, long way ahead) but today he is eating much more (he's had hay, carrot, greens), pooping more and is generally more active. It has also been a bit more difficult trying to give him his meds as he's hopping off to avoid it - which has made me delighted as he's getting more strength!

    Rather than try and write it all down, I have filmed him so you can see him for yourself. I will start a thread in general chat for this and post the link (once I've learnt how to upload a video to youtube (complete novice here!).

    Thanks again x

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