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Thread: FLYSTRIKE! Warning to all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by k1984 View Post
    Firstly, thank you so much to every one of you for sending Adam your thoughts. We are just back from the vets (£70- I hope you don’t mind me posting, but I’ve always found it useful when reading other people’s threads about treatment costs).

    His wound (albeit very large) is looking good at this crucial 24hour mark. The vet felt around for any pus or further maggots that can reveal themselves after (!!). Nothing on either front and the vet said that the would is looking nice and clean. I’m to keep my regular cleaning of it as I have been doing.

    I talked to her about my worry of not seeing him eating other than a couple of teeny nibbles. She felt his tummy and said it didn’t feel empty and that he must have eaten something. As she was doing this, Adam actually pooped some perfectly normal round droppings on the table. There’s your proof he’s eating the vet said! I’m absolutely delighted!
    So, we’re home now with painkiller, fibreplex and have to go back and collect the baytrill in the morning as they had ran out. Lucky, Adam had an antibiotic injection late last night which is still in his system so I’m going to collect the bay troll first thing.

    Good news so far. The vet says he has a very, very long road to recovery, but he sure is a little fighter!!
    I am very sorry that Adam has been effected by Flystrike, I am sure it is extremely traumatic for you to witness. The condition is truly shocking in how quickly it occurs and how much damage can be done. Your post is a reminder to all of us about it.

    I do hope that he will make a good recovery and that if he does have to undergo surgery to attempt to repair the wound it will go well for him.

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    Sending loads of vibes for Adam. I've had a couple of buns with flystrike and it is horrendous. The last time, I had checked the bun, gone out to see a client (was working in mental health then), came home and the poor girl was crawling with maggots. Pulled off what I could and rushed her straight to the vet. She did survive but I had only left her for three hours. I have to leave my current pair much longer than that because of work now and am really worried about flystrike.

    I know it is controversial but when I have had buns prone to flystrike (elderly and/or disabled) I have used Rearguard. Zippy and Violet have no such issues so I don't use it, check them regularly and just hope and pray they will be OK. I have never forgotten the image of the maggots either - truly disgusting.

    Thinking of you and Adam xxx

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    One thing I wanted to ask you, if you don't mind, is whether the vet gave an injection of Ivermectin?

    In the old days - I'm talking 20/25 years ago, the rabbits we took into Rescue who were affected in this way were always given a shot. But I don't know whether it's ever done these days. It would be in addition to the antibiotics and pain relief.
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    Loads and loads of healing vibes for Adam. I've had a bridge bun who suffered very similarly to Adam and I know exactly how horrifying it is for you to see and for Adam to have. I hope that he makes a full recovery from it and it is very well worth everyone paying close attention to their rabbits and to be mindful of this during the warmer weather.

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    Update- all buns have now been treated with rear guard and all hutches/pens deep cleaned and treated with insecticidal treatment. All my other bunnies are perfectly clean, healthy and happy and all hutches weíre bone dry and spotless (as how I usually keep them). My friend came to help me today and couldnít believe that this had happened in such clean surroundings, so it just shows even more that no one can be complacent.
    Iíve also now fitted fly screens as well as rear guard treating everyone.

    Just cleaned Adamís wound again and he produced 3 lovely poops whilst I did so. I also gave him his dose of pain killer.

    To answer some questions:
    - the vet didnít give any treatment of ivomec.
    -with regards to his very large wound....with cleaning 3-4 times a day, we are hoping that it will start to knit together. Once fully clean and no infection, the next step would be for him to go under surgery for them to then bring the remaining skin together to close up he rest of the wound. At the moment it is too large to attempt to do so they say.
    Time scale would be in 3-4 days assessment and then if all well, within the week.

    Itís literally a day by day basis.

    Thank you so much for your thoughts. You are so helping in giving me strength to fight with him x

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    Sending mega healing vibes for your poor little boy.x

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    Sending vibes for Adam and for you

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    Goodness me what an ordeal. Hope all continues to go well for Adam.

    I never knew that fly strike could happen so fast. Will keep a close watch on my 6. Thank you for posting this.

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    Thank you for sharing this horrible experience for everybun's benefit. Wishing Adam a speedy recovery. He sounds to be in very caring and capable hands x

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    Wow, this is scary. I hope Adam feels better soon. I'm going to check my babies over now to make sure they aren't affected. Does is usually occur around the bottom area?



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