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Thread: Female rabbits behaviour is driving me to want to rehome her...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarahP View Post
    I think some bunnies just really aren't the indoor type. I've had bunnies roaming around a large area of the house, but they still destroyed things. And mine weren't even that destructive compared to some!
    Agreed. I had one that was free range and still chewed a hole in my couch. Some chewing is marking and wearing their teeth. Itís what they do, why farmers hate them so much! Mine will always be outside, they seem so much relaxed and happier in runs than living rooms - JMO !
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    Youíve had some great advice here but I can fully sympathise with you as Iíve been through this myself. My Male has always been amazing and well behaved in the house but bella was an absolute turd even after she was spayed. She went through months of chewing carpet and being destructive!

    With my bunny I found it to be her teeth, but obviously all rabbits are different!

    She went to the vets and found she had some spurs on her teeth. We started offering her some yummy Apple sticks which are sold on here, offered them daily and after a couple of weeks, she was like a new rabbit. Sheís since been back to the vets and her spurs are much better.. She hasnít touched the carpet since but does have an occasional dig on a rug just to annoy me!
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    I've seen a reply from you where you said you can go upwards (i.e. about floor space). One option you could look at is NIC/ storage cubes. I have but various enclosures for my rabbits with them (they are seriously destructive so are out all the time when we are in, but whilst we are out of the flat or at nighttime they have their area. NIC cubes are fantastic as you can build upwards as well and literally build to the space you have. I used to have a decent floor area but because mine love jumping, I had 5 cubes upwards. If you wanted you could do even more! I've only really built a bit of a maze for mine to explore, but you could build whole levels to give your buns more space without using your floor space. The great thing about them is you can remodel and keep making it better!

    These aren't my enclosures (I no longer have any photos on my phone as broke it and currently just use the cubes to box in the wires and my fire (the rest of the room they are in is now bunny proofed), but these photos will give you an idea of the sort of things you can do: (this one even has space underneath so maybe you could get a bit of extra floor space by where you currently storage things like food or hay on the floor etc - could definitely make the 'layers' larger but gives an idea of building upwards - video on how to make them - obviously not great on floor space on this one, but it gives you an idea that you can just keep on building higher and higher! - another high one

    I'll have to try and find a photo of the ones I have made, I even put a chair in one that they loved to sit on!



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