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Thread: Runaround connector doors (alternative)

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    Default Runaround connector doors (alternative)

    Hello I'm looking st buying the pipe/tubing for my bunnies but wanted to know if there was a DIY way to connect enct the pipe to a wooden shed, and also a metal run.

    Also any places cheaply to buy the doors.


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    Hmmm, I'm not too sure. We have various runaround setups ourselves which are great, the only other thing I've seen which is similar, is here Our very first tunnel set up was made by Welfare Hutches, but they are sadly no longer trading.

    I suppose you could make a diy version if you were quite clever or connect the tunnel directly somehow (I think keletkezes on here might have done so, if I remember correctly).

    I've seen some set ups that have a cat flap leading into the run, like this or similar (scroll to last picture).

    Hth x

    **created by my DD Lionheadlop**

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    We have the Welfare hutch versions of the connectors (not for much longer though as my MPH bothies are due for delivery in the next 10 days - yay) as well as runaround. The Welfare ones are just wooden squares with a circular hole for the tube which are then bolted together. I guess a DIY savvy person with a jigsaw could make something similar.

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    I've done it in the past just as orangediva says using a jigsaw and exterior ply. Not difficult at all.

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    Thanks guys xx



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