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Thread: Court application for my rabbits removed, what can I do!? U/D #94

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    Default Court application for my rabbits removed, what can I do!? U/D #94

    I apologise for however this thread may come across, I'll edit it later but at the moment I'm in a dsaze and I can't ttype or think.
    I need help and I don't know whete else to turn.
    I'm sorry if I don'tr make sense , I'm shaking anad I[ve just had four panic attacks and passed out. I don't know where else to turn, I'm hopeing someone here has some advice?

    Sopme might be aware of muy situation regarding my parents divorce. My dadf isn't allowed in the house and lives with his girlfriend. He's banned due to his behaviour. The house is up for sale but he recently turned down an ocffer from buyuers.
    I'm sorry for muy spelling, my hands are shaking too much tio type.

    We've jhust had an email from our solicoitors, he's made an application to the courtt that all our rabbits are removed from the house within 7 days and no animals be alloqwed tro return.
    It has to be approved by the court byt everything has gone his way up until now 6yrs theis has gopne on.. I feel sure he'll geet it approved.

    What can I do??! I have nowhere to go, my brothers cant have us, they wouldbnt allloiw them in the house anyway, not all eight of them.
    I have no money, I have nowhere to go, I cant afford to board them. I don't know what to do.
    I'd die before I let anyone take my rabbits for me. *deleted sentence as I don't want to upset anyone*, there's no reason to live

    I don't know what to do
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    Start by taking deep breaths. In life, things pass, and this will, too.

    I don't know your circumstances.
    Are your rabbits causing damage to the property? How many do you have?

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    It's a long shot, but maybe somebody could foster them? If they are in the garden, I know you can keep rabbits in the garden under the Allotment Act (1950) provided you're not profiting from them...

    I'm really sorry. I was faced with the forceful separation of my rabbits and myself late last year/early this year. Like you, they are absolutely my reason to live and it nearly killed me too. Thankfully for me, my situation was resolved.

    Another long shot, but maybe you could try getting medical proof that they are "therapy" and help with MH conditions? Which might therefore overrule your father's desire to get them out of the house/home.
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    Have the solicitors provided the reason for the request that the rabbits are removed? I think you should first of all try to get a short term foster for them arranged. If you don't know of anyone who could do this for you, maybe contact rescues in your area.

    Sending loads of hugs. I know this will be devastating for you. Courts will usually decide on what is reasonable and so he will in my view need a very good reason. Is he the sole owner of the property?
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    Eight. No damage. All litter trained. All in clen pens. All as well kept as can be. He lived here with five and never even knew it.
    No smells, no mess, all well kept.

    I doin't know anyoine who can foster them.

    I know about the allotment act, I dont think it would apply as this isn't my house. It' belongs to my parents, though he made sure top put it in his sole name whic my Mum nver kjnew baout.

    I;'m so so sorry, my hands are shaking too much to type, I can't type properly

    One isn't mine really, he's my borthers and yes he has medical conditions but I think a therapy animal has to be trained. You can't jsut make any animal therapy as I understand it?

    I;m so sorry, I can't think striaght, please forgivem e

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    I'm so sorry, can anyone take them for you on a short term basis? Where are you in the country?

    Can you talk to your dad? He might see the distress he's causing you? And may stop it?

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    My parnets have lived here since 1980. It's the marital home but he snuck behind my mums back and got it in his sole name. She has rights on the property.
    We have a court order in effect currently that allows us (three, mum, brother, me) to live here but exlcudes my dad as he took a knife to my mum and has been violent in the past. THe current order says that he's not to touch our proprety and that we are entitled to keep it here and live here free from harrassment (what a kjoke, last week he dug up the gfrave of one of my pets)
    But this application it to get it overturned. He also wants estate agents to have keys ana ccess up til 4pm everyday and all of our protperty removed into storage as well as other things. I've not read it all

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    My dad cares for no one but himself. He knows they're my life, he's attacking them because I didn't 'side' with him. Therefore I deserve punishment.
    I'm in farnborough in hampshire.
    I don't know anyone that can foster. I don't know anyone at all. I have no friends, only my rabbits.

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    I won't let them go, they're my life. I;ll never let them go

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    No, no reason given, it's just his way of getting back at me. Claiming it makes the house unpresentable, but I've always made sure they're spotless for every viewr. We had a buyer and an agreed sale, he suddnely decided he wanted more money and declined it without even asking my mum



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