Hi i am looking for a new home for my bun Flash, i have to move country in a few months and in order to take her with me she would have to go into quarantine for 4 months and im worried she wont make it. I'd prefer her to go to an experienced bunny owner who has other bunnies that she can bond with. We lost her sister last year who she was bonded with and I think she would be happier with a new friend.

I love her so much and it breaks my heart to give her away but I want her to have a good life.

Physical Description:
Black and white Lop

She is very sweet but doesn't really like being handled. She will let you pet her but on her own terms. She can be a little grumpy sometimes and can be mischievous but she is a great bun. She often will sit on the sofa with me and let me pet her. She is wary of new people at first but is lovely once you get to know her.

Around 3-4


Neuter Status:

Vaccination Status:
Not vaccinated

Good health

Type of home wanted:
Indoor. Preferably with another bunny


Reason for rehoming:
Need to move country and can't take her with me

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