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Thread: 2 year old unspayed female, York

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    Default 2 year old unspayed female, York


    I am beyond devastated to be writing this but am glad to have found somewhere online where people seem to really know their stuff and love their bunnies.

    We rescued our beautiful girl Nigella from living stray in a car park in the freezing winter of 2016. The vet said she was very young, so her age now is estimated at 2. Since then, she has rewarded us every day for saving her by being the most loving, funny and friendly little member of our family. She lives in a playpen in our living room, allowed out to follow us around and jump up on the sofa when we are home!

    However, I have always been sensitive to cats and over the past 6 months this has extended to Nigella - it has developed to the point where I can't be downstairs in the house and am on so much medication that we have no choice but to look for another home for her. I just want her to go somewhere she will be loved and allowed to spend time with people because that is her favourite thing in the world.

    I've tried to insert an image there, hopefully it works! I never knew rabbits could be like this - during her active time she just wants to be with people so much - she makes us laugh all the time with her morning and evening binky 'shows' and loves to groom us when she jumps up on the sofa for a cuddle.

    Physical Description: Everyone comments on how pretty she is - she's brown with black on her little face and a gorgeous white nose. Our vet thought she might be a Dutch/Rex mix.
    Temperament: People- obsessed! She will follow humans from room to room during her active time in the morning and evening, and always runs to the bars of her playpen when she first sees us in the morning. When my husband comes home from work, she runs in figure of eights round his feet because she gets so excited! She is OK to be picked up and held, but much prefers coming to you on her own terms and will lie down snuggled against your leg or chest and groom you (in exchange for head rubs, her favourite thing in the world!) She loves to binky and makes us laugh a lot with her escapades! She took a week or so to warm up after we first rescued her, but since then she's been thanking us every day.
    Age: unknown as she is a rescue, but estimated at 2
    Sex: F
    Neuter Status: Not neutered
    Vaccination Status: Vaccinated
    Health: Fine, went off her food when first rescued but an appetite stimulant from the vet sorted her out.
    Type of home wanted: Ideally a house rabbit as this is what she's used to, she is perfectly litter trained. I would also happily send her to an outdoor home with a suitable living enclosure so long as she would get time with people. She hasn't met another rabbit since we've had her, but she is so sweet that she could make a good wife for a neutered male if all went well.
    Location: York, North Yorkshire (but willing to deliver her to the right home even if a bit far)
    Reason for rehoming: allergies

    She would come with a load of rabbit stuff as she is a very spoiled madam, she has a 6x4ft playpen with barred roof, a cage base for hay, a travel carrier, a hidey house, water bottle, log tunnel, non-tip bowl, some toys and salt licks.

    We are so desperate for her to be loved and I hope that her future mum/dad are out there now, reading this!

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    She is gorgeous, I hope you find a lovely home for her

    Binky free at the bridge Boots, you will never be forgotten xxxx

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    Oh I wish I could good luck

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